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TMM TC19 Playday5

TMM TC19 Playday5 - 10th March 2019

Fifth round of the 'Trackmania Masters Team Competition 19' and our teams were preparing for their probably moost important upcoming matches.

Starting off with 'THE blue' and their match was 'Team Nerotec'. Kicking off the match with a solid '6-2' the team lost its focus and 'Nerotec' came back strongly, beating the team in every following round and winning the map with a '6-7'. Picking 'TMM Allure' second the team again started off strongly with a '6-3' lead. Despite losing their focus again, the team managed to take home the 2nd map in the final round. Last map being 'TMM Colder' it was 'THE blue' who looked really strong, dominating the map and ending the match with a '7-1' , overall winning '2-1' and '20-14'.


Following up it was 'THE orange' who were facing a rather easy opponent named 'Dawns eSport'. The underdog showed that u should definitely not underestimate them and started strongly into the first map. The team managed to recover and take home the first map with a '7-4' score. After losing first map 'Dawns' lost his focus and struggled hard while not managing to keep up with the team around 'Bobus and tromi'. losing both following maps with '7-0' score.


Lastly it was time for 'THE pink' and their match versus ' A New Era 2'. The team was in need of a win and therefore it was no other choice than giving the match all they have got. After winning the first Map 'TMM Velocity' with a '7-4' the pick of 'TMM Poco-Loco' by 'ANE2' was a  a surprise for the THE bois and made them lose the map '3-7'. Last map of the day was 'TMM Colder' and 'THE pink' was more than prepared on the map. The match went quick and the team took home a solid '7-3' win and an overall '2-1' victory in their important match.


Next week there will be more Matches awaiting our Teams in the last Round of the 'Groupstage'.

stay tuned.

THE-R4V3R   17. March 2019    23:26    Trackmania, Competition    2    8006

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