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Sell Top-Level Fake Nike SB X Air Jordan 4 "Pine Green"

Post by snkrspop » 18.02.2023 10:25:57

=12pt=15.0000ptThe rumor mill was on fire throughout much of 2022, instilling hope in releases that would never and likely will never come to be. Word of the Sell Top-Level Fake Nike SB X Air Jordan 4 "Pine Green" however, would prove to be true, as images of an early pair were seen on the feet of longtime SB rider Eric Koston early that year. And now, at the very beginning of the next, reports from reputable sneaker informant  confirm that a release of said collaboration is heading our way this Spring.
=12pt=15.0000ptThis wouldn’t mark the first time Nike SB and Jordan Brand have come together, as they joined forces back in 2019 on several Air Jordan 1s, two of which featured wearaway uppers much like the “Lance Mountain” collaboration that released five years prior. For the Air Jordan 4, the inter-brand pairing is indulging in a much simpler, more straightforward colorway, comprised of “Sail/Pine green/Neutral Grey/White.” What’s more, the construction of the model will incorporate a number of changes that better suit it for skateboarding.
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