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Did Terrifier 2's Bedroom Scene Go Too Far?

Post by sinta mariam » 31.01.2023 17:05:56

While many might complain or feel outraged by the level of violence and gore depicted in the bedroom scene of Terrifier 2, it is not without precedent. Those familiar with the wider Terrifier franchise would be expecting this level of gore, particularly from an installment that fans have been waiting six years for. After the tumultuous production and delays that the movie suffered, a blood-drenched showstopper was necessary to satiate the appetites of starved fans of the Art the Clown movies. Not to mention the amount of publicity garnered in the mainstream media since Terrifier 2's release has completely dwarfed the attention granted for the release of Terrifier, bringing fresh fans to the franchise. In this regard, the controversy surrounding the scene has elevated Terrifier 2 to the likes of horror classics Psycho, The Exorcist, and others whose longevity and success have been rooted in an initial controversy that catapulted the movies into the public eye. While Terrifier 2 may be considered to be in poor taste, and it is certainly disgusting and gratuitous, going "too far" may have cemented its place in horror history, and has certainly stoked interest in a further sequel, Terrifier 3.TRENDING NOW:Return to Seoul Deutsch streamenKalle Kosmonaut Deutsch streamenStep by Step Deutsch streamenBulldog Deutsch streamenConcerned Citizen Deutsch streamenDie Frau im Nebel Deutsch streamenEin Mann Namens Otto Deutsch streamenPlane Deutsch streamenBabylon Deutsch streamenClose Deutsch streamen
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