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Justice League vs Black Adam Can Tease A Real Superman Fight

Post by sinta mariam » 22.01.2023 15:13:44

The DC Universe having Black Adam fight the Justice League could also be another step toward the Black Adam and Superman fight. Now that Black Adam's post-credits scene brought Black Adam and Superman face-to-face, they could cross paths again in Justice League 2. This would be a chance for the DC Universe to subvert expectations a bit by having Superman fight Black Adam with the help of the Justice League. The two powerhouse characters would trade punches during such a brawl, but the group context of the fight would prevent Justice League 2 from directly answering who is stronger.

With audiences seeing a glimpse of what a Superman and Black Adam fight could look like in Justice League 2, the movie would be able to hype up their next encounter further. The circumstances of the rematch would be heightened if Justice League 2 broke The Rock's fight rule and had Black Adam lose. This would undoubtedly put Black Adam in a position where he would have extra motivation to defeat Superman. Meanwhile, Superman's experience fighting Black Adam in Justice League 2 could leave him with the opinion that the rest of his teammates would not be much help in a future fight. That could then explain the other members not helping Superman in the future.Related Topics:Babylon – Rausch der Ekstase Ganzer Film 2023Avatar 2 Stream Auf DeutschHoly Spider Streamen HDSeitenspiel Streamen HDIn der Nacht des 12. streamingAcht Berge Ganzer Film onlineIllegal Hayatlar Ganzer Film AnschauenSchlachthäuser der Moderne Ganzer Film Kostenlos
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