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“Kids Vs. Aliens” comes to theaters and VOD unrated But had.

Post by tofik prast » 22.01.2023 07:25:20

“Kids Vs. Aliens” comes to theaters and VOD unrated. But had the film’s producers gone through the (largely unnecessary in the streaming era) process of submitting it to the MPAA, the second feature from director Jason Eisener would join a proud tradition: That of the R-rated kids’ movie. Think of the “Child’s Play” franchise. Think of Full Moon Features. Think of anything that has the manic energy and bright patina of a movie for children, but with swearing and violence. 

These types of films generally appeal to overgrown kids, which is not an insult—indulging the child within can be psychologically healthy (in moderation, of course). And they must be a lot of fun for kids who act in them, too: Imagine being ten years old and having a bunch of adults telling you that not only is it okay, but that’s it’s your job to yell, “F**k space!” while setting off fireworks. That type of joy is infectious. And indeed, “Kids Vs. Aliens” is a lively—if at times headache-inducing—experience. 

This was clearly a DIY production, and most of the film’s budget seems to have gone towards making it as colorful as possible. It’s money well spent, as the in-your-face aesthetic at least partially compensates for the thin plot and cardboard characters. (The dialogue is crude as well, but that fits the overall tone, so it’s not as big of a deal.) Clocking in at 75 minutes, “Kids Vs. Aliens” feels more like a pilot episode than it does a fully realized feature film, not least because there’s more plot implied in the last 30 seconds than actually unfolds in the first 30 minutes. 

That first half-hour is spent setting up the characters, namely rambunctious preteen Gary (Dominic Mariche) and his teenage sister Samantha (Phoebe Rex), who—in another grand genre-movie tradition—are left unsupervised nearly all of the time by their workaholic parents. Technically, Samantha is in charge. But she’s a big kid herself, with interests that include cool swords and pro wrestling. And she enthusiastically participates in the movies that Gary and his pals Jack (Asher Grayson Percival) and Miles (Ben Tector) are always cooking up in a barn on Gary and Samantha’s family property. That is, until brooding bad boy Billy (Calem MacDonald) comes along.onlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonline  
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