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Black Adam Is Strong Enough To Fight The Justice League Himself

Post by sinta mariam » 02.01.2023 16:20:12

When it comes time to make Justice League 2, the biggest challenge will be finding a powerful villain to stand up to the entire team by themselves. Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam has only made one appearance so far, but he is certainly strong enough to fight the team by himself. Black Adam's powers include super strength, flight, near-invulnerability, and lightning blasts that become more powerful the angrier he gets. Black Adam's edge over most of the Justice League members is that he also has magical powers, and he can share his powers with those he desires, just like Shazam.

Black Adam makes no mistake in showing that Dwayne Johnson's DC character is among the most powerful the DC Universe has featured. He repeatedly proves that the Justice Society can not stop him even when they use their powers collectively. Black Adam does introduce a weakness for the anti-hero in the form of Eternium (Black Adam's version of Kryptonite), so the Justice League could hope to leverage that weakness against him. Still, Black Adam is strong enough to fight each Justice League member individually and potentially defeat the entire team.
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