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TMM TC19 Playday3

TMM TC19 Playday3 - 24th February 2019

Third week of the ' Trackmania Masters Team Competition' and again it was time for our teams to show their performance against three new opponents. 


The ' Match of the week' award goes to 'THE blue' in this week by facing a well known competitior for the spots in the Top8: Runtime. Luckily for our squad 'DexteR' had a week off of TMGL and could participate in this important match. Both teams were ready and prepared for this battle and it was one hell of a fight on 'TMM Poco-Loco³' having rounds where only .15 seperated the first and seventh place in finish. Despite the poor and weak performance by 'MoppeL' who only scored 35 out of 104 points on the map the team managed to carry him and secure the 1st victory. '7-4' After the initial ban of ' TMM Quest' by the THE-squad it was 'Runtime' who surprised by picking ' TMM Solaris²'. Their plan started good and 'Runtime' managed to secure the first few rounds, putting even more pressure on the team. They could recover properly and after some early struggles the map went in their favour as well, winning it with a final score of '7-4' and securing the win for todays matchday. Final Mapchoice by 'Runtime' Was 'TMM- Maranello' which was supposed to be the strongest map of both teams and therefore looked promising to some nice rounds. The hopes were fulfilled and it was a really close match ending in the Final round of the match with a score of '7-6' in the favour of 'THE blue'. 

Following the first LineUp it was 'THE orange' who were looking forward to continuing their winstreak against ' A new Era'. 'ANE' being an tough opponent and the favourite in this match was putting already more than enough pressure on the underdogs who struggled to find into the match. Many rounds did not go as planned and the opponent took advantage of that, winning the first with a strong '2-7'. Picking ' TMM Solaris' now was the map picked , hoping to embrace the monument again and leading 'THE orange' back into the match. Unfortunately and despite the good times by ' tromi' and 'kawi' the team could not quite handle the pressure and was unable to keep up with a strong 'ANE'. Score of this map '2-7'. Lastly it was ' TMM Colder' and even tho the match was already lost, the team wanted to show what they've got as well.  Managing to gain one round after another the last map of the match was like in the match of 'THE blue' being decided in the last round. The team gave 'ANE' a good fight and managed to win the last and decisive round. '7-6' is the score.


Last but not least it was once again time for 'THE pink' and their performance in the match. Losing the THE-Derby in the last week to 'THE orange' definitely did put the team down but it was time to handle it like a pro and focus on the upcoming match against 'THC'. On the first map it is needlesly to say that this was not a good performance by the team. Only 'OxiD' was able to keep up with their opponent on the first map which lead to an early end and an more or less deserved '0-7' for 'THC. Even tho the team could pick the second map after the first ban of the match the struggel to find momentum and get into the match was good big, giving 'THC' again an ease taking home the second map as well with a score of '2-7'. The match was lost already and the last map ' TMM Colder' was being played and 'THE pink' was hoping on a small comeback like 'THE orange' did it, but that would not happen today. The opponent did not let loose winning the last map as well . Final score on ' TMM Colder' was '3-7'. The team is at a down at the moment and this is definitely not what they were looking for in this early stage of the 'TMM TC19'. Only time will tell if they will be able to recover from it and perform good again in their upcoming matches.


This week had a rather sad result , only having 'THE blue' winning their match. All three teams will continue to train and prepare for the next week and especially 'THE orange' and 'THE pink' will work on their current form in order to still secure the entry into the 'Playoffs' after the Groupstage and we are looking forward to the next matches and some good performances by all TEAMS! 


stay tuned!

THE-R4V3R   24. February 2019    23:35    Trackmania, Competition    0    4638

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