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TMM TC19 Playday1

TMM TC19 Playday1 - 10th February 2019

Today was the first Playday of the Groupstage of the 'Trackmania Masters TC19'  and all of our Teams were hyped and prepared for their upcoming clashes on the maps.


Kicking it off with 'THE blue' and their match against 'CrystalGaming'. The squad around the new captain ' DexteR' was the clear Favourite in this match despite their rather poor Qualification seed. They started strong and finished the 1st map nice and quick with a clean '7-0'. Having the upswing of the first map and the confidence the match was quickly over and ended in a '21-0' score for our team. 


Following their teammates it was 'THE orange' s turn to show their strength with their newly added players 'Era ' and 'zBurst'. The opponent of 'dacSP' had high hopes on  winning todays match but it did not go quite in their favour. After a '7-0' win on the first map ' TMM Colder ' The squad was hyped and willing to continue their journey of wins. Despite not keeping up with their performance on the first map and giving away 2 rounds on the 2nd map and 1 round on the 3rd map the team showed a solid performance , winning the match in the end. '21-3' is  the final score.


Lastly we talk about our third squad 'THE pink'. Having the best seed out of the three THE teams definitely boosted their confidence and that could clearly be seen in the performance. Even tho some players had to leave the lineup during the week they managed to beat 'elmt white'. After the first map it was clear to see who is the favourite here and 'THE pink' just went on not giving their opponent a chance. '21-0' is the result in the end.


Starting off 'TMM TC19' with 3 clear victories feels good and gives the whole team and every squad  a big upswing for the upcoming weeks and matches. We will stay focussed in order to not lose the freshly gained momentum!


stay tuned!

THE-R4V3R   11. February 2019    00:18    Trackmania, Competition    1    4743

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01.12.2022 - 07:53

it is really great to read this. You doing a very great job. keep up moving

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